Kosher for Passover 2019



Some people dread Passover. Not Howard (Chaim) or Miriam Goldfeder. The owners of Kosher Palate, a new North Dallas grocery and restaurant, have just stocked their shelves with more than 1,000 “Pesach specific” products from gluten-free and chametz-free cookies and cakes to more than 30 different toppings, glazes, sauces, and seasonings, including everything from Cajun, Pizza, and Shawarma spice mixes to kosher-for-Passover Curry and Montreal Steak seasoning. You won’t find those anywhere else in town.

The Goldfeders moved to Dallas from Baltimore as newlyweds 19 years ago when they were, in Chaim’s words: “looking for a small community where we could make a difference.”

Dallas is no longer a small community and the Goldfeders, now the parents of three, have been tireless board members at their synagogue, Congregation Ohr HaTorah, and have served in or supported local Jewish education, Mikvah Israel, Dallas Kosher, Jewish Federation, Jewish Family Service, and virtually every Jewish organization in town. Kosher Palate, which they say took one year from conception to opening, is a dream come true for hundreds of Kosher observant North Texans and it is the business the entrepreneurial Goldfeders were destined to launch. The store houses an extraordinary variety of Kosher convenience foods, specialty ingredients, fresh baked goods, and the largest selection of Kosher wine available anywhere in Texas. Kosher Palate is also a full-service take-out and dine-in delicatessen, grill, and restaurant, offering lunch and dinner Sunday-Friday, with late hours Thursday night for erev Shabbos shoppers, who are treated to a small bowl of complimentary cholent.

Chaim, who has a long history of community service, spent weeks delivering supplies and kosher food to people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, and other natural disasters, is a master at logistics. He has a personality almost as large as his heart and a hilariously sarcastic sense of humor. Chaim is the face and voice of Kosher Palate and he entertains viewers of the store’s weekly Facebook videos, during which he tours the aisles and announces discount pricing and special items.

“We’re like the King and Queen of Kosher Dallas,” Chaim says with a good-natured, self-aware smirk.

Miriam, who grew up in an Orthodox family and attended seminary in Jerusalem, is a serial entrepreneur who has also taught high school science. She is more reserved than her husband, but no less friendly, and she is as quick with a smile as she is to offer assistance to a customer.

“I’ve heard people ask how many days of Passover their friends keep,” she says. “And that made me realize how important both Jewish education and, quite simply, food availability are. While it’s easier than ever to keep kosher and to make Pesach, these are still somewhat mysterious aspects of Jewish life to many people. I hope through our grocery store, our takeout department, and our dine-in restaurant, that we can make observing a kosher Passover easier for people. We are here to help with everything you need to keep kosher, from setting up and stocking a year-round kosher kitchen to preparing Pesach and, let me tell you, no one goes hungry keeping all eight days of Passover! There’s plenty to eat!”

Miriam rattles off some menu ideas for the days following the Seder. “You can’t eat matzah ball soup all week! At some point, you’re going to miss pasta or pizza. Kosher Palate is one-stop shopping: we’ve got you covered with Kosher-for-Passover pasta and sauce, and you can pick up shredded mozzarella and a variety of other cheeses right here in our refrigerator. If you have been flirting with healthier cooking, now is your chance to break the pasta habit!  Passover is the perfect time to experiment with a riced cauliflower crust. You can also make delicious lasagna with zucchini strips. And don’t forget matzah pizza. Hey! Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it,” she smiles.

Chaim is thinking of KFP smoked turkey wings and barbecue ribs. “Come on, Miriam! Meat and potatoes,” he deadpans. “Fleishigs.”

Theirs is a fun, infectious banter and it’s easy to see that people are drawn to Kosher Palate for the positive, upbeat energy. Nothing about the Goldfeders or their hip space is reminiscent of the old-fashioned, farbissineh, unapproachable, crowded East Coast kosher world.

“The gluten-free cakes we are bringing in are so above what has been the standard for the past 20 years. No offense to the Bubbies reading this, but this is not your grandmother’s sponge cake! We are carrying sauces you didn’t know were kosher, let alone kosher-for-Passover. Snacks? It’s a whole new world,” Chaim marvels.  “I have a feeling that some people who have never kept Passover the entire eight days may find it so delicious and easy this year, they surprise themselves.”

In addition to prepared and packaged food, Kosher Palate sells serving and storage containers, aluminum foil bakeware, high-end plastic tableware, Seder plates and accessories, bedikas chametz kits, kosher-for-Passover toothpaste, havdalah candles, and much, much more! Kosher Palate is open 8am-9pm Sunday-Wednesday and until 10pm Thursday nights.  They will be open Erev Pesach from 8am-2pm.

Please visit for a complete take-out menu and pricing details.

Seder orders will be accepted until April 12th.

Passover 2019 begins at sundown on Friday, April 19, and ends Saturday evening, April 27. The first Passover seder is on Friday night, April 19th.