One of the best things about living in Dallas is our access to superb Broadway touring productions like the current performance of A BRONX TALE. There’s not much better than putting your phone away for two hours as a marvelous cast sings, dances, cracks you up, and reminds you that ya gotta have heart and the choices you make mean everything.

Do not miss the perfectly, perfect Joe Barbara as Sonny teach Joey Barreiro’s beautifully heart-tugging C about “The Great Ones.”

And¬†rememba: don’t evah, but NEVAH, give a girl the Mario Test! Ya wanna know if she’s one of the ‘tree great women in ya life? Huh? Ya lisenin’ to me heeya or what?! The DOOR Test. Give ‘er da Door Test. You thinkin’ of marryin’ dis girl? Ax her does she make sauce.

Enjoy this classic scene from the film, but GO SEE THIS PERFORMANCE OF THE MUSICAL (with songs by Alan Menken!!!), (directed by Robert DiNiro!!!!) on stage at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Click here to see highlights from the Broadway performance, in which some of cast in the Dallas performance first shone.  And click here to see Dallas audiences raving about this performance.