BOOK REVIEW by Dr. David Feinstein

Josh Reinstein’s book, Titus, Trump and The Triumph of Israel, explains how anti-Semites, thinly veiled as anti-Zionists, have found common ground in their illogical hatred for Jews and Israel.  These groups, which include main stream Churches, liberal progressives, and Muslim terror-states, have, on all other matters, a polar opposite agenda but this does not dissuade them from joining hands in hate for Jews and Israel.

Reinstein shows how the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy playing out daily in modern Israel, has stirred up their animosity by undermining their religious, or lack of religious beliefs.

Trump, not with his words but with his actions, has galvanized the ever-increasing American Evangelical support by redirecting American foreign policy towards Israel.  In doing so, he may turn out to have as great a positive influence on the destiny of Israel as did Cyrus the Great who freed the Israelites from Babylon and allowed them to return home from exile.

Trump’s actions and faith-based diplomacy, which Josh Reinstein has helped steward, has now caused a ripple effect through Evangelical Christians around the globe who are now coming to Israel’s defense.  Their help has been invaluable and has resulted in a profound shift in the way Israel is perceived in the world. 

The Messiah has not yet come, but He’s much closer than ever before…

Dr. David Feinstein

Clinical Professor of Medicine Southwestern Medical School

Author of The Torah, Generation to Generation

Former Chairman of Dallas Chapter of ZOA

Former Chairman of Dallas Chapter of Israel Bonds

The book reviewer’s grandson, Zander Feinstein, at Trump Heights in the Golan Heights, 2019