Crash! The sound that makes every parent’s heart drop. It is usually followed by relief when it’s (only) a broken mug and not someone’s bones that hit the floor after climbing on the counter or dresser. This time thankfully, the crashing sound was metaphoric. It was what Rabbi Israel Salanter referred to as, “The Loudest Sound in the World”; the sound of a habit breaking.

You see, I am one of those moms that thrives on order, structure and getting things Done. My To-Do Lists are practically my bible. When the idea came up for a family trip over Thanksgiving, just days after my return from Israel, every cell in my body was screaming, no! I had Things to take care of. To-Do lists to complete. So much of life had been put on hold while I was away. It was time to put it all back together!

Yet, as a ‘Mom in Progress’, I strive to be the best version of myself. That usually means looking within, digging deep and assessing where I can try stretching myself beyond my comfort zone. Although the timing of this trip seemed far from perfect, I knew that for my family, the timing was just perfect. Their squeals of delight when arriving at our hotel later that evening and their enjoyment throughout the duration of our stay, confirmed this belief. I realized too, that I had done something out of character for myself.

I had given myself Permission. Permission to let go of my lists. Permission to not be perfect. Permission to be me, and permission to be free. And that was the crashing sound heard round my world. As we enter into 2018, may we all give ourselves permission to not be perfect, with the knowledge that we are beloved just the way we are, and just the way we’re not.

Hudy Abrams is a mom of six, including two sets of twins. She is the Co-Director of The Jewish Learning Center of Dallas and the cofounder of The JLC Hebrew School and The Jewish Women’s Connection. She is an adult educator and has led over 200 women on life transforming trips with The JWRP. She loves a good workout, spending quality time with her kids, connecting with Jewish women and baking challah. Hudy is passionate about empowering Jewish women to uncover their unique gifts and to step into their greatest selves. She can be reached at